Browns new uniforms and helmet accidentally leaked by former player

Fans may finally be getting the feature they've been begging for.
Arizona Cardinals v Cleveland Browns
Arizona Cardinals v Cleveland Browns / Jason Miller/GettyImages

There's a lot that goes on in an NFL offseason, but nothing is more important than uniform updates. July-February is all about boring old football. But April and May? Those are for uniforms. Whether it's new pants, one single added stripe on the inside collar, or a full-blown nostalgia play of throwback uniforms, these updates are the pleasant, easily-digestable news that keeps NFL fans full during the lean months. Besides, team social media associates would have nothing to do if they weren't busy making the 3rd helmet teaser trailer videos right now.

And this year, Browns fans are in luck. Rumors of a uniform change have been circling the Browns for a while now, and this past week, everyone may have gotten an (unintended) look at what that looks like exactly. Former Browns player Eric Metcalf posted a tweet featuring some new Browns gear that, if you can believe it, immediately got deleted. As everyone knows, though, once something's on the internet, it never really leaves:

The white facemask! That's all anyone's ever wanted. It'll be sad to see them go away from that matte finish on the helmets, but if that's what it takes to get the white facemasks back, so be it. Browns Twitter was pleased:

As exciting as revealing that their totally orange helmets will remain totally orange can be, this is great news for Browns fans. It's always nice to see teams actually listen to the fanbase on uniform stuff, and shoutout to the Browns for not being tempted to use some extremely convoluted reason to rationalize some all-black jersey that gets worn on one Thursday Night game. First comes the white facemask, and then comes the Super Bowl. That's how it works. Look good, feel good, play good.