Browns news: Joe Flacco extension possible amid Deshaun Watson drama

The Cleveland Browns are rumored to be considering an extension for Joe Flacco as more drama popped up for Deshaun Watson

Joe Flacco, Cleveland Browns
Joe Flacco, Cleveland Browns / Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Quarterback news is once again front and center for the Cleveland Browns. While Deshaun Watson is trying to stay focused on recovering from shoulder surgery, he again has a distraction looming over his head. Watson is being called to testify in a lingering sexual misconduct case and that's led to speculation that he could get hit with another suspension.

That feels unlikely given the settlement he had with the NFL but we also know Roger Goodell has his own rule book when it comes to league punishment. And if you don't like the way he dishes out punishment, you are more than welcome to appeal. To him.

Even if there is no impact on his playing time from this news, the Browns still should bring in a veteran to avoid the issues they had in 2023. That's why there are reports that Joe Flacco is someone they want to extend before free agency begins. That story and more can be found in today's news round-up.

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Browns Eyeing Extension for QB Amid Watson Uncertainty — J.R. DeGroote, Heavy

"Flacco is 39 years old and has limited time left. He’ll likely pursue a starting opportunity but the Browns would like him back. Mary Kay Cabot of believes Cleveland could look to get an extension done to prevent him from reaching free agency."

DeGroote quoted Cabot on her mailbag piece, which is behind a paywall, where she says she thinks the front office will try and extend Flacco. That would make a lot of sense considering they want an experienced backup but in the end, Flacco might want to test the open market since he will get more attention this year than he did last.

Things I Think I Know About The Browns: Watson Update, Chubb Will Be Back, Watching The WR Trade Market — Brad Ward, OBR

"I fully expect the Browns to bring Chubb back in 2024. The Browns will not give up on him, and although his deal will require restructuring or even a 'pay cut' of sorts, that is to be expected, considering he is out of guaranteed money on his deal and rehabbing from two major surgeries."

Ward is one of many writers who expect Nick Chubb to be back in 2024. The concern that he might be a potential cap casualty arose when Andrew Berry was less than commital when discussing Chubb's contract. He did say things needed to be figured out but that's likely his way of saying he wants to lower the cap hit — which is what Ward is expecting.

4 emergency quarterbacks Browns can target following Deshaun Watson news — DPD

If there is any truth to the reports surrounding Deshaun Watson, the Browns might want to make sure they have a No. 2 quarterback they can lean on. They don't want to bank on finding another Joe Flacco during the season and here are four options they can sign in free agency — including Flacco.

3 teams Joe Flacco could ditch Browns for in 2024 NFL free agency — DPD

Cleveland would like to bring Joe Flacco back and he certainly seemed to enjoy his time with the Browns. However, this is a business and there are two things that could lead to his departure — money and playing time. If Flacco believes he can earn more money elsewhere, especially if that leads to a chance for more time on the field, he could wind up deciding to look elsewhere. Sayre Bedinger looks at three such landing spots.

Proposed trade sending Browns QB Deshaun Watson to Giants makes no sense for either team — DPD

Nothing suggests the Browns are trying to move on from Desgaun Watson but you wouldn't know that by how the analysts go about their business. One proposal after another is surfacing this offseason. There was one pitch to send him to New England for Mac Jones which was bad. Now, it's the New York Giants and Daniel Jones which is worse. And it's hard to tell which team would laugh harder at this suggestion.

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