Browns News: Nyheim Hines struggle, Grant Delpit's change, Bill Belichick's next move

  • Nyheim Hines' relatable struggle
  • Grant Delpit's new number
  • Bill Belichick's next gig

Grant Delpit, Cleveland Browns
Grant Delpit, Cleveland Browns / Justin Casterline/GettyImages

Cleveland Browns players and a former coach are making headlines. New Brown Nyheim Hines, Grant Delpit, and Bill Belichick are featured in this segment.

Nyheim Hines is one of us. He gave up sweets for Lent and took to social media to share how difficult it was for him to sacrifice Sour Patch candies. With that struggle behind him, Hines is preparing for his Browns career by selecting jersey number, 22, for 2024. He's under a one-year contract valued at $1.9 million; however, if his previous relationship and success with former Colts coach and current Browns coach Bubba Ventrone pay off, he could be in Cleveland longer.

If you are wondering why that number is familiar, it was formerly Grant Delpit's number. He's vacating the number 22 he wore in his first four seasons with the Browns for number 9 in 2024. Delpit signed a three-year contract extension with the team and is starting anew with his original number at LSU (before changing to number 7 in his final college season).

Former Browns coach Bill Belichick is getting a new gig

Bill Belichick isn't known for being particularly forthcoming when dealing with the media. That's why his next job is an ironic and interesting choice. Belichick is not expected to be in the broadcasting booth, but fans will still be able to hear from him.

Belichick is expected to write a book.

While New England Patriots fans may eagerly anticipate him opening up about the glory years of the dynasty, Cleveland Browns fans are curious how much he will talk about his first NFL head coaching job with the Browns spanning from 1991-1995. Belichick's NFL career began in 1975 with the Baltimore Colts so it will be interesting to see how much detail he shares from his early NFL years.

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