Browns news: Update on Nick Chubb and his future with Cleveland revealed

The Cleveland Browns have to address Nick Chubb's contract but is there any chance he gets released?

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Until a new deal is agreed to, there will be debate surrounding Nick Chubb. The Cleveland Browns want to keep him around but general manager Andrew Berry stirred up speculation when he called his contract the "elephant in the room." Berry wants to lower the cap hit, which is understandable, but some think his comment meant Chubb is going to be released.

Cleveland beat writer Mary Kay Cabot believes otherwise. She thinks the Browns will work out an extension that lowers his hit in 2024. A look at his contract as well as his status in Week 1 of the 2024 season kicks off today's news round-up.

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Big update on Nick Chubb’s future with Browns, contract and injury return — Jared Mueller, Dawgs by Nature

"Cabot’s reporting says exactly what most expected:"

"• Chubb will be back with the Browns
• Chubb will have his contract adjusted
• Being back on the field in Week 1 of 2024 is a “perfect world” hope but may not be likely"

No one is plugged into the Browns more than Mary Kay Cabot and she seems to believe Chubb is going nowhere. As Jared Mueller points out, this is what most of us who follow the Browns expected. There's no way they're going to just cut ties with him unless they believe he won't be able to play at all. Having said that, a Week 1 return isn't likely either, so they need to make sure they have someone who can carry the load — and Jerome Ford shouldn't be that guy.

Texans still reaping benefits of Deshaun Watson trade — DJ Bien-Aime, ESPN

"Fast forward two years and the draft picks that the trade yielded helped the Texans capture the AFC South title last season with their young nucleus. Offensive Rookie of the Year and Pro Bowler C.J. Stroud might not have been a direct result of the trade, but when the Texans sent shockwaves through the NFL with their 2023 draft-day trade -- announced moments after they took Stroud with the No. 2 pick -- they used assets from the Browns trade to take defensive end Will Anderson Jr. at No. 3."

Houston has done an excellent job rebuilding their franchise which is exactly what they hoped to do in making the trade. Cleveland, however, is doing fine as well. If they can stay healthy this coming season, the narrative around them will shift tremendously.

3 Browns players who must be extended after cap hike — DPD

The Browns should have a little more room to play with this offseason after they restructure a few deals. They can create even more if they extend these three players — and have more incentive following the salary cap increase.

Browns living rent-free as T.J. Watt continues to complain that Myles Garrett won DPOY — DPD

T.J. Watt is sure used to getting his way. The one-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year thinks he should have won it again in 2023 and won't stop complaining that Myles Garrett took home the award. Which is funny since those who play the game even voted Garrett as the better player.

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