Browns offseason acquisitions: Yay or Nay

Andrew Berry, Cleveland Browns
Andrew Berry, Cleveland Browns / Nick Cammett/GettyImages
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On March 13, NFL free agency kicks off and the Cleveland Browns are already off to a solid start. They acquired Broncos wide receiver Jerry Jeudy for only a 5th and 6th round pick in this year's draft, as well as did some contract restructures to open up more cap space.

Plenty of roster holes still need to be filled so below are some hypothetical trades/signing that do or do not make sense for the team.

Wide Receiver Mike Williams: Nay

Every year during the NFL offseason there are players labeled as “cap casualties.” They aren’t necessarily bad players in terms of production, but due to the massive contracts, their team decides they aren’t worth paying the heavy price tag.

Chargers wide receiver Mike Williams is considered in that category.

If Los Angeles decides to cut or trade Williams, the team saves $20 million in cap space, and for a team like the Chargers that needs that to spend and many other positions, it seems like a smart move. In the last 16 games, Williams was on the field he excelled, racking up 82 catches for 1,144 yards and five touchdowns. He was also eighth in the league in 2022 in contested catches of 20 yards or more with five.

The reason the phrase “was on the field” was used is because that’s the issue. Williams has missed 18 games in the past two years. Now while the Browns could restructure his high price tag, they just traded a 5th and a 6th round pick for Broncos WR Jerry Jeudy so it would be best to spend big money elsewhere.