Browns rival slammed as most overrated player at position

Cleveland Browns, David Njoku, Marlon Humphrey
Cleveland Browns, David Njoku, Marlon Humphrey / Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

For several years, Cleveland Browns fans have pointed to Marlon Humphrey as one of the more over-rated players in the league. The Alabama product was taken 16th overall in 2017 and had an All-Pro campaign in 2019 but since then, his play has taken a dip.

Despite this, he continues to make the Pro Bowl, being named three times. He didn't make it in 2023 but that was due mostly to him missing seven games. If he had been healthy, he like would have made it again — and it would have been on name alone, which is often the case for the Pro Bowl.

Now, Cleveland fans aren't alone in this assessment as Alex Kay of Bleacher Report named the most overrated player at each position entering 2024 and Humphrey made the list at cornerback. He pointed to the struggles Humphrey had in each of the three years since his All-Pro campaign in 2019.

"Between 2020 and 2022, Humphrey gave up 161 catches for 1,906 yards and 12 touchdowns across 269 targets. This past year was the first season since 2018 that Humphrey allowed a completion rate lower than 53.6 percent. Although he did improve in coverage last year, Humphrey was only available for 10 games—the fewest he's played since his sophomore season in 2018—due to various injuries." — Kay Bleacher Report

When Humphrey does make stops, he's often aided by officials turning a blind eye. He's a very physical cornerback and his over-use of his hands is so normal that refs simply let it go.

Baltimore does have someone who can eventually take over as the No. 1 cornerback. They selected Nate Wiggins with their first pick, grabbing the Clemson cornerback at No. 30 overall. The Ravens do a good job when it comes to the draft, which is why they remain competetive. But that doesn't mean we can't enjoy someone pointing out the obvious with Humphrey.

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