Browns schedule 2024: When is Cleveland's bye week?

Cleveland Browns Practice
Cleveland Browns Practice / Nick Cammett/GettyImages

Cleveland Browns fans can officially start planning their football vacations for the 2024 season, as the regular-season schedule is out. Not only can they get those trips planned to watch the Browns play either in person or on the road but they can also get a non-football-related trip planned over Cleveland's bye week.

Bye weeks are crucial because they give players a week off to heal up and recharge for the remainder of their grueling season. Having an earlier bye week might seem nice at the time but it means teams are playing a lot of games in a row down the stretch without a break. Later bye weeks are good for playoff contenders but it can be difficult playing 12 or more games in a row.

When is the Browns' bye week?

Fortunately for the Browns, their bye week is coming at the perfect time this year. The Browns will have their bye in Week 10, which is in early November. This means that Browns fans enjoying that weekend off should nice weather if they're taking a week off from football altogether.

The Browns' bye week falls in the middle of the season, which is great for them. They'll play nine opponents, then have their week off, and then finish their final eight games. Hopefully this midseason break helps prepare them for another playoff appearance.