Browns schedule leaks: No London appearance, Christmas game in 2024

What has been leaked for the Browns in 2024?
Cleveland Browns
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Everything the NFL does turns into an event, including the schedule release. The Cleveland Browns and the other 31 teams have known who they will face for quite some time, but on Wednesday night, they’ll know when they face them.

The league will have a release special at 8:00 p.m. EST to unveil the upcoming season but some games have already been announced — and others have been leaked.

Cleveland, for example, knows they will be facing the Dallas Cowboys in Week 1. It will be their second home opener in a row and for some extra intrigue, Tom Brady will also make his debut as an analyst.

As for the rest of their schedule, we’ve been paying attention and have all the leaks and rumors below.

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Cleveland Browns schedule leaks

There were rumors the Browns would have a game in Brazil but that won’t be the case. We learned earlier in the offseason the Green Bay Packers and Philadelphia Eagles will play one another in the first ever game held in Brazil.

After that, the possibility of a London game surfaced but that too won’t happen. The league announced all five international games and the Browns don’t appear on any.

Cleveland also won’t appear on the Christmas double-header although two rivals will. The Baltimore Ravens will play the Houston Texans and the Pittsburgh Steelers take on the Kansas City Chiefs.

Rumored Browns games

Here are the games that have been either confirmed or rumored in 2024:

Week 1: Dallas Cowboys at Cleveland Browns (confirmed)

Week 3: New York Giants at Cleveland Browns (rumored)

Week 6: Cleveland Browns at Philadelphia Eagles (rumored)

Week 12: Pittsburgh Steelers at Cleveland Browns - Thursday Night Football (rumored)

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