Browns top 20 QBs since 1999: Baker Mayfield, Joe Flacco among the best

38 QBs have started a game for the Cleveland Browns since 1999
Cleveland Browns, Baker Mayfield
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Tier Four: "Career cushioning"

The players within this tier were never meant to be the full-time starter. Often, they were brought in as insurance in the event of an injury, or to mentor a young QB.

4. P.J. Walker

P.J. Walker is a tricky player to analyze in terms of ranking him amongst this group. He played poorly, but somehow found ways to win, and was a huge contributing factor in the Browns clinching a playoff spot in 2024.

The defense, arguably, carried most of the QBs that started in 2024, but none more than Walker. He appeared in three games and held a 1-1 record, though it should be 2-1 with the Indianapolis Colts game; threw for 674 yards, 1 TD to 5 INTs.

3. Seneca Wallace

Many of the younger Browns fans won't likely remember many of the 38 QBs on the list since 1999. Seneca Wallace was initially brought in as the third-string QB for the 2010 season behind rookie Colt McCoy and veteran Jake Delhomme. He was promoted to the No. 2 position behind McCoy for the 2011 season. During his two-year tenure in Cleveland, Wallace won one game compared to six losses in 14 total appearances. He threw for 1,261 yards, 6 TDs, and 4 INTs.

2. Josh McCown

Josh McCown was brought in to be a mentor for second-year QB Johnny Manziel. Known throughout the league as a "player-coach," the Browns' front office viewed McCown as an experienced player who could help Manziel mature.

Not only was McCown used in this role for Manziel, but also the following year for rookie QB Cody Kessler, who is mostly known for Hue Jackson's "you've got to trust me" comment after the draft. McCown appeared in 13 games over two seasons, with 11 starts, and a 1-10 record. He complied 3,209 yards passing, 18 TDs, and 10 INTs.

1. Case Keenum

While his name will always be best associated with the "Minneapolis Miracle" when he was the Vikings QB, Case Keenum served as the backup to Baker Mayfield for the 2020-2021 seasons. Keenum was very serviceable in that role and accumulated a 2-0 record through nine total appearances. At one point during the midst of the 2024 season, many fans were lobbying for Andrew Berry to make a trade with Houston for Keenum.

Keenum's role on the team was never in question, and he was seen as a valuable mentor to Mayfield. Keenum finished his time in Cleveland with 508 yards passing, 3 TDs, and 1 INT.

Jake Delhomme was a difficult one to leave out of this group because he held more wins than both Seneca Wallace, and Josh McCown, however his play was pretty bad regardless of records. Doug Pederson played arguably more games than anyone on this list, but again he had only one win and pretty terrible play.

Both Kevin Hogan and Austin Davis didn't play in enough games or contribute nearly enough to even be considered. Had they not been on the active roster prior to being elevated for their starts, they would have been on the "down but not out" tier.