Browns Twitter eviscerates Steelers over Kenny Pickett trade

The Steelers are in for an interesting season

Kenny Pickett
Kenny Pickett / Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports

For years, Cleveland Browns fans have had to take it on the chin when it comes to quarterback jokes from Pittsburgh Steelers fans. Now, they finally get to unload on their AFC North rivals.

The Steelers have had quite the offseason. They signed Russell Wilson following a failed run with the Denver Broncos, then quickly traded Kenny Pickett to the Philadelphia Eagles. Shortly after the trade was announced, it was reported that Pickett was traded due to his response to the Wilson signing.

Pickett will now back up Jalen Hurts with the Eagles, leading to the first of many hilarious tweets sent out following the news. Once he landed in Philly, a photo of Pickett in an Eagles jersey was sent out by Adam Schefter. He said Pickett is from New Jersey and grew up a Philly fan, which led to a response from Hayden Grove poking fun at the "hometown hero" spin Pittsburgh fans placed on the disposed QB.

The fun doesn't stop there with other Browns' fans chiming in to roast the Steelers.

Easily the funniest man on Browns Twitter, McNeil also chimed in. No word if this is the actual photo of Pickett finding out, but it could be legit.

There's also a look at Pickett's record against Dorian Thompson-Robinson.

While not technically 'Browns Twitter', this one shows the actual ad Pittsburgh took out when shopping Pickett on Craigs List.

Pickettburgh into Russtillcurtain. It's so bad that Wilson might use it.

Lastly, there's the always-brash and never-correct Andrew Fillipponi. He constantly likes to praise Pittsburgh players but his takes are wildly absurd and Cleveland fans are enjoying this victory lap.

As painful as all this is for Steelers fans, they should know it's nothing compared to the cringe they're going to feel when Russell Wilson wins his first game, looks into the camera and says: "Steel got it."

Enjoy the 2024 season Pittsburgh fans, it should be an interesting one.

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