Browns will be traveling less miles than most NFL teams in 2024

Only seven teams will travel fewer miles for their road games than the Browns
Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns
Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns / Lauren Leigh Bacho/GettyImages

Earlier this week, the Cleveland Browns and the rest of the NFL released their schedule for the 2024 season. The Browns will start at home against the Dallas Cowboys and then play on the road for three of their next four games.

This critical stretch will test the Browns and make it feel like their time on the road will be an issue. However, that might not be the case when looking at the season as a whole.

NFL reporter Adam Schefter tweeted a graphic showing how many miles each team will travel this year and the Los Angeles Chargers had the most with 26,803 miles and 36 time zones this season. The Washington Commanders had the fewest with 10,550 miles and 18 time zone changes.

Cleveland, however, has a favorable amount of mileage this year with 13,998 and 12 time zone changes. Only seven teams have fewer miles to travel, putting Cleveland in the bottom third of the league.

Cleveland has a slight advantage in this area since there's not a lot of distance between them and their AFC North rivals. Their furthest rival is the Ravens, who play in Baltimore — roughly 375 miles from Cleveland. Their other divisional foes are the Cincinnati Bengals (248 miles) and the Pittsburgh Steelers (134 miles).

Compare that to the Chargers where the Las Vegas Raiders (270 miles) are the closest followed by the Denver Broncos (1,016 miles) and Kansas City Chiefs — who shouldn't be in the AFC West (1,617 miles).

The Browns also don't have any international games, which would have added quite a bit of travel time. This might not seem like much of an advantage but given the strength of their schedule, anything that helps is a plus.

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