Browns WR Josh Gordon's receiving yards franchise record will be broken in 2024

Josh Gordon's 1,646 yards single-season record has stood for over a decade but will go by the wayside in 2024
Josh Gordon, Cleveland Browns
Josh Gordon, Cleveland Browns / Gregory Shamus/GettyImages

Cleveland Browns fans know it has been a minute since they had a healthy quarterback and wide receiver combination. It's worth mentioning that even in Josh Gordon's era, there was quarterback-by-committee going on much like in 2023 with the Browns' five quarterbacks.

However, Gordon (also known as "Flash") still managed to achieve the remarkable franchise record of 1,646 yards receiving in the 2013 season with Jason Campbell, Brandon Weeden, and Brian Hoyer throwing to him. He surpassed previous franchise record holder Braylon Edwards who accumulated 1,289 yards during the 2007 season.

The Browns have big expectations for the 2024 season. While one of them may not be to have a wide receiver break the franchise receiving yards record, it will happen, and Amari Cooper will do it.

How could Amari Cooper break the record?

The fact is that Cooper is third all-time on this list (behind Gordon and Edwards) for his work during the 2023 season. Five quarterbacks threw to him, and he amassed 1,250 yards.

Since the Browns got Deshaun Watson and Amari Cooper on the roster, the goal has always been to build this connection. Cooper and Watson have not played together as much as anyone hoped, but assuming they are both healthy, this is their year. Cooper is the go-to man, and early in Watson's tenure with the Browns, we heard that they have an on-the-field chemistry and connection that can deliver big results.

Fans may think that opposing defenses will hone in on Cooper meaning that Elijah Moore and Cedric Tillman (and new addition Jerry Jeudy) will pick up the slack. Jeudy averages 763 yards per season in his four-year NFL career while Moore and Tillman combined for 864 yards (640 for Moore and 224 for Tillman). If the Browns offense is operating on all cylinders, there will be plenty of receiving yards for everyone.

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Similar conditions were in place during Flash Gordon's era. In 2013, three receivers combined for 927 yards. Greg Little had 465 yards, Davone Bess had 362 yards, and Travis Benjamin had 100 yards.

Fans may also think that prolific tight-end production from David Njoku could limit Cooper's potential. Gordon faced a similar scenario in 2013 with Jordan Cameron accumulating 927 yards compared to Njoku's 882 yards in 2023.

The only situation where the statistics do not match between the current Browns roster and the 2013 Browns is in the running game. The 2013 Browns, led by Willis McGahee and company ran for 1,383 yards; whereas the 2023 Browns led by Jerome Ford and his running back committee had 2,017 yards.

It is highly feasible that Amari Cooper will become the franchise single-season yards leader in 2024, especially with a healthy Watson and three extra regular season games than Gordon had (17 in 2024 to 14 in 2013).

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