Cleveland Browns 3 studs (and 2 duds) from crucial Week 10 win in Baltimore

• Deshaun Watson needs to start quicker

• Myles Garrett is a freak

• David Njoku full-steam ahead

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Cleveland Browns Stud: David Njoku, Tight End

Early in the game, David Njoku made a mistake that might have cost his team points. The veteran tight end dropped a pass on second-and-six that would have put the Browns inside the 10-yard line. Instead, they had to kick a field goal, making it 14-3.

Njoku has been criticized in the past for drops but over the past couple of seasons, he's really cleaned up this part of his game. In this one, he was surely upset with himself but still found a way to redeem himself. He finished this game with 6 receptions for 58 yards and continued to make one highlight-reel play after another once he got rolling.

His best play on the day came in the third quarter as the Browns were trying to answer a Baltimore touchdown. Trailing 24-9, Cleveland was facing a third-and-11 and Deshaun Watson dropped off a short pass to Noku. This time, he held onto the ball and was able to turn it upfield in a hurry. Despite running into a crowd, he kept fighting and got the ball to the sticks for an 11-yard gain and a first down.

Cleveland capped off that drive with a touchdown from Kareem Hunt, who bowled his way into the end zone. They went for the two-point conversion, which Watson converted to make it 24-17. In the end, it was a 17-play drive that took over 10 minutes and Njoku was one of the primary reasons it was successful.

Njoku wasn't done on that drive either. After Baltimore took a 14-point lead in the fourth quarter, Njoku had another impressive catch and run. He took a short pass on second-and-seven and just bulldozed his defender en route to a 23-yard gain. That drive ended with Elijah Moore scoring his first touchdown with Cleveland, but again, this score doesn't happen with Njoku — making him one of the unsung heroes from Week 10.