David Njoku is Cleveland Browns unsung hero from Week 10

David Njoku didn't score a touchdown on Sunday but the Cleveland Browns still owe their Week 10 to the veteran tight end

Cleveland Browns
Cleveland Browns / Todd Olszewski/GettyImages

All wins count the same in the NFL but some just mean more. That was the case for the Cleveland Browns, who pulled off a major upset in Week 10 against the Baltimore Ravens. It's always good to hand a loss to Baltimore, especially when they come in as the leaders of the AFC North.

This week, however, the win was even sweeter. Not only did it avenge an early-season beat down from Baltimore — when Dorian Thompson-Robinson was filling in for Deshanu Watson — but they also erased a huge deficit on the road. Down by two scores for much of the game, Cleveland fought back and won thanks to a 16-point fourth quarter.

They had a second-half touchdown from Elijah Moore and Kareem Hunt on offense as well as a pick-six from Greg Newsome. It was all capped off by Dustin Hopkins, who delivered a 40-yard game-winner but there was another player who deserves a ton of credit for this win — David Njoku.

A former first-round pick, Njoku was an absolute monster in this one. He started the game off with a frustrating drop inside the 10 and was determined to make up for it from there. He had several key plays, including one on three of their second-half scoring drives.

First was when Hunt ran in a three-yard touchdown. He bulldozed his way through several defenders, which is what Njoku did earluer on the drive. Facing a third-and-11, Njoku took a short pass and ran through a tackler to reach the sticks and move the chains.

Then on the drive when Moore was able to score on a 10-yard pass in the third quarter, Njoku helped set it up witn another short pass that he turned into 23 yards. That play moved it all the way to Baltimore's 29 and carried several defenders while doing so. Then on the final drive, Cleveland had a first-and-15 following a false start and Njoku made it a manageable second down when he gained 11 yards.

In all, Njoku finished with six receptions for 58 yards. He saw a two-game touchdown streak come to an end but that means very little in the end. He did much more for the team on Sunday as he continued to show fight and determination every time the ball came near him. That not only set the tone for the rest of his team but helped ensure his team secured a huge win.

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