Cleveland Browns: 3 trade ideas if Denver Broncos start a fire sale

• Upgrading the RB position?

• Taking a big swing at LT?

• Trade ideas with the Denver Broncos

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The Cleveland Browns don't have the most friendly history with the Denver Broncos, but there's potential that the two could help each other out here in the 2023 NFL season. The Browns are looking like legitimate contenders in the AFC. The Denver Broncos are looking like they are on their way to a fire sale after allowing a whopping 70 points in Miami this past weekend.


If the Broncos do decide to break up their roster and trade their players for draft picks, perhaps the Browns could be an intriguing landing spot for some guys. Let's take a look at some trade options between these two teams and what could work well for the Cleveland Browns at the 2023 NFL trade deadline.

3 trade ideas for the Cleveland Browns and Denver Broncos

1. Take a shot on Garett Bolles at left tackle

This trade would potentially be a little complicated from a financial perspective. The Broncos would almost undoubtedly have to eat some of Garett Bolles's salary in order to facilitate a trade like this, but I think they would be willing to do so for the right compensation. And that might only be a Day 3 pick for a team like the Cleveland Browns.

There have been some struggles from Jedrick Wills, the former first-round pick whose career has taken a surprising turn after what appeared to be a good rookie season. In all seriousness, Wills could end up being the Achilles heel of this 2023 season for the Cleveland Browns with how poor his play has been at times.

There was once a time when the Denver Broncos were desperate for OT help and nearly pulled off a trade with the Browns for Hall of Famer Joe Thomas. It didn't materialize. It would be a shame for the Browns to be a legitimate contender and get knocked out because of left tackle play.

Garett Bolles has responded from an injury-shortened 2022 season with a nice bounce-back start to 2023, and if the Browns could get him for a 3rd or 4th-round pick? That could be huge for them.