Cleveland Browns: 3 trade ideas if Denver Broncos start a fire sale

• Upgrading the RB position?

• Taking a big swing at LT?

• Trade ideas with the Denver Broncos

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2. Make a deal for RB Javonte Williams

The season-ending injury to Nick Chubb will undoubtedly continue to have a ripple effect on this Cleveland Browns team. We knew they were going to have to commit to throwing the ball more, and we saw that in the team's blowout win against the Tennessee Titans.

Actually, we saw quite a good passing performance from Deshaun Watson and the Browns offense, highlighted by Amari Cooper's sensational game in which he was robbed of even more yardage and a touchdown. Watson had just six incomplete passes on the afternoon, and spread the ball around to six different receivers.

But as far as the running game is concerned? Well, the Browns might need to do more than just Kareem Hunt there. Cleveland had just 78 yards on 31 carries in this game, atypical obviously of the success we've become accustomed to seeing them have. Now, the Titans' game plan was obviously to put the ball in Watson's hands more, and the Browns were ready for that.

And they executed.

But you can't tell me that the idea of Javonte Williams joining this Browns team is not at least exciting. Williams, a second-round pick out of North Carolina in 2021, was compared to Nick Chubb coming out of college for his ability to create after contact. We haven't seen that kind of production from him yet in the NFL, but we've seen flashes of brilliance.

Williams is looking fresh and healthy coming off of a major injury himself last year, and I wouldn't be shocked if we see the Broncos try to get something decent in return for him at the trade deadline. Could they get a Day 2 pick (or more) for Williams? With two years left on his rookie deal (including this year), it might not be out of the realm of possibility.

Adding Williams to the roster for this year and next year gives the Browns a stud option for the immediate, but also would give them a deadly 1-2 punch next year when Chubb returns, as well as insurance if he needs additional time.