AFC North power rankings after Week 1

Are the Browns really the best team in the AFC North right now?
Cleveland Browns, Deshaun Watson
Cleveland Browns, Deshaun Watson / Jason Miller/GettyImages
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3. Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals laid a gigantic egg in Week 1 against these Browns. It was an unexpected, shocking and downright disgusting performance by Cincinnati. The Browns were certainly happy to use some trash talking from Bengals wideout Ja'Marr Chase this week. Chase even doubled-down on it after the game, which was pretty funny to Browns fans.

“I’m mad because I called their (butts) elves, and we just lost to some elves. I’m pissed on my part. (Expletive), I’m holding it on me," Chase said.

Whether or not it was Chase's trash talk that tipped the scales heavily doesn't matter. The Bengals played a bad game, and the Browns played a great one. There isn't much else to say other than Cleveland dominated this Bengals offense.

Joe Burrow couldn't get anything going. Tee Higgins finished without a catch on eight -- yes, eight -- targets. For a top-20 NFL wide receiver to be targeted eight times and not catch a single one means the defense had to have done something right, and they sure did. This was as ugly as it gets for the Bengals, and they're going to have to turn it around quickly as they take on the 1-0 Ravens next week.