Biggest free-agency mistakes Browns made and how to fix them in the NFL Draft

Cleveland Browns, Amari Cooper
Cleveland Browns, Amari Cooper / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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This offseason, the Cleveland Browns have kept a lot of their current core intact in effort to make another run in 2024.

The only difference? This year's run will likely be with Deshaun Watson, not Joe Flacco. But, just in case, Jameis Winston will be ready.

Over the course of the offseason, the Browns have made some moves that cause fans to ask questions. Which decisions (or lack of decisions) could impact the Browns' needs going into the 2024 NFL Draft?

Let's look at a few key mistakes made during free agency and how to rectify them in the upcoming draft.

Still no extension for Amari Cooper and the long-term answer is ... Jerry Jeudy?

Let's be real, here. Amari Cooper is twice the wide receiver Jerry Jeudy will ever be. The Browns' trade for Jeudy seemed like a good idea until they immediately extended him without proof that his talent is deserving of such a deal.

Rather than extending Jeudy, the Browns definitely should have extended Cooper. And while it's still a possibility, the Browns very well might allow Cooper to play out his final year in Cleveland with the idea that they're going to replace him in the draft.

So, they can't exactly reverse the Jeudy trade. But, the Browns could go after a wide receiver with one of their first two picks in the second and third rounds. Guys like Keon Coleman, Roman Wilson, Ja'Lynn Polk and Malachi Corley are some of my personal favorites in that area of the draft. Should the Browns bring in one of those guys, they could be further set for the future.

Don't forget, Elijah Moore is in the final year of his deal, just like Cooper. Wide receiver will be a bigger issue than you might think, and very soon.