Bleacher Report's prediction on Deshaun Watson is sad, yet realistic

One can only hope...
Cleveland Browns, Deshaun Watson
Cleveland Browns, Deshaun Watson / Phil Masturzo / USA TODAY NETWORK

Everyone has their own thought or opinion regarding Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson, but the fact of the matter is, the immediate future of this organization will be significantly impacted by not only his recovery from shoulder surgery, but also the level of play he can return to.

Last season, we saw the Browns start five quarterbacks. This year, the hope is for Watson to recover in a timely, healthy manner and to be able to start the entire season in Cleveland. But, will he be able to return to form? As in, can he finally find the magic he once had back in Houston?

Bleacher Report's Brad Gagnon wrote up a piece based on every NFL team's nightmare scenario for the upcoming season, and when it came to the Browns, the scenario would have been pretty easy for any Cleveland fan to guess.

Wrote Gagnon:

"The well-paid Deshaun Watson, who has started just 12 games since the end of 2020 and was thoroughly unimpressive in most of those outings, fails to regain his magic from 2017-2020 in Houston."

Browns fans better pray this worst-case scenario doesn't come true in 2024

Since joining the Browns, the outlook for Watson in Cleveland has been all over the board. Whether fans take into consideration all of the off-field questions or focus solely on his play and health, it is difficult to see where exactly he can take this team.

As a Browns starter, Watson has thrown for 2,217 yards, 14 touchdowns and nine interceptions while going 8-4 overall. He's also added 317 yards and two touchdowns on the ground.

Yet, Watson has not looked anywhere near the same as he once did playing for the Texans. If Cleveland is to get their money's worth, he's going to need to snap back into it, and quickly. The draft capital given up, along with the contract Watson was signed to, is more than enough to make a Browns fan sick to their stomach.

For too long now, Cleveland has not had a long-term solution under center. Watson's skill level has the potential to be one of the best this organization has ever had, but one can only wonder if he'll ever get back to where he once was.

If Watson is unable to perform at the level fans expect him to, then this team will continue to be barely good enough; meaning, they'll likely compete for a playoff berth, but not much more than that.