4 difficult decisions Cleveland Browns will need to make this offseason

  • Injury concerns
  • A quarterback controversy?
  • Up against the cap

Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns
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2. Is Joe Flacco going to return?

The Deshaun Watson contract could go down as one of the worst decisions by any NFL team in league history. The trade, itself, cost Cleveland an arm and a leg in draft capital. But, the fully-guaranteed contract is a whole different beast of a discussion.

Let's just add one more layer to the Watson situation, though, shall we? Enter: Joe Flacco. What a comeback story.

This man single-handedly saved the Browns' season and became the hero all Cleveland fans never knew they needed. It's hard to argue with how impressive Flacco was down the stretch, especially coming in on the fly like he did.

Watson is the team's starter. But, if Flacco is brought back, could there be a chance of a controversy over the summer? This league is all about "what have you done for me lately?" as we know. Fans are not kind, especially when it comes to the quarterback position.

And, specifically, the quarterback position in Cleveland? That's a whole different level of starvation. These fans want to see a winner under center, and we know Flacco is just that. So, Watson could have some added pressure if the team decides to re-sign Flacco.