Cleveland Browns news: Looks like Browns broke the Steelers

A round-up of Cleveland Browns news sure makes it seem as though this team broke the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 11
Cleveland Browns
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It's one thing to beat a divisional rival. It's another to demoralize them. That's what happened this weekend when the Cleveland Browns knocked off another AFC North rival, beating the Pittsburgh Steelers in a 13-10 game in Week 11.

Pittsburgh, who was easily the worst team in the NFL with a winning record, was handed their fourth loss on the season. Making matters worse was the way they lost — in the final minutes. Before this weekend, that was their calling card. And it was the reason Kenny Pickett still had believers.

One of the biggest Pickett stans has been Andrew Fillipponi from 93.7 The Fan in Pittsburgh. His backing of Pickett, however, has found its limit. The day after the loss, he let it be known that he's "out" on Pickett — and even said he looks like an idiot for his faith in the quarterback.

Now, all over the news wires, there are calls to bench Pickett. The only thing that might be louder are the calls to fire offensive coordinator Matt Canada. That's a win on top of a win for the Browns and one of the themes for today's news round up.

Cleveland Browns news

Mark Madden: Without his 'it' factor, Kenny Pickett is one of NFL's worst quarterbacks — Mark Madden, Trib Live

"Kenny Pickett is one of the NFL’s worst quarterbacks. He should be benched. The Steelers are 6-4, but when they’ve won, it’s mostly been despite Pickett. 'Fourth-quarter Kenny' was absent Sunday at Cleveland. Right after Pickett failed to summon a game-winning drive in the game’s final 15 minutes, Browns rookie Dorian Thompson-Robinson did exactly that to cap off his second career start. DTR looked as composed as Pickett did rattled."

The fourth-quarter wins were what kept Pickett in his starting role but just about anyone should have known the narrative would turn as soon as those wins stopped. Here's a perfect example. This was their first one-score loss in the last 10 one-score games and the fan base is wanting to bench Pickett since he was rattled. Yep, the Browns broke them.

It’s time for the Steelers to bench Kenny Pickett — Jarrett Bailey, Behind the Steel Curtain

"Najee Harris didn’t hold back in a post-game rant where he said he was 'Tired of this sh*t', referring to the offensive struggles. Diontae Johnson replied to a fan on X in which he corrected the fan for saying he ran the wrong route on an unsuccessful play."

Najee Harris was running the routes he was supposed to but Kenny Pickett wasn't getting him the ball. Again, he looked rattled and it has those who cover the team asking for a change. It's gotten so bad, some on social media are asking for Mason Rudolph to return. No, seriously, Mason Rudolph. Talk about being broken.

6 Under-The-Radar NFL Second-Half Breakout Candidates — Marcus Mosher, The 33rd Team

"Speaking of Purdy, could Dorian Thompson-Robinson be the next rookie quarterback to lead his team to the playoffs? The Cleveland Browns sit at 6-3 after nine games but will be without Deshaun Watson for the remainder of the season. Instead of going with veteran P.J. Walker, the Browns are handing the keys to Thompson-Robinson, who was a fifth-round pick in the 2023 NFL Draft."

Interestingly enough, Marcus Mosher wrote this ahead of the win over Pittsburgh. It would be interesting to see if his take changed considering how the game went down. DTR got the win but wasn't perfect. Still, it was a solid first step and he's even closer to getting a shot in the playoffs.

Cleveland Browns 3 studs (and 2 duds) in last-second win over Steelers — DPD

There were a lot of players who deserved praise for the win in Week 11. There were also a couple of players who could have done more. Here, we look at both ends of the spectrum with our studs and duds from the latest win.

Cleveland Browns add Joe Flacco to practice squad as quarterback insurance — DPD

Dorian Thompson-Robinson is going to keep his job as long as the Browns are winning but adding a veteran was smart. Joe Flacco is nearly 40 but he can still sling it. And if Cleveland has to turn to someone else, he would be a better option than P.J. Walker.

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