Cleveland Browns news: Warren Buffett takes aim at Jimmy Haslam

Warren Buffett and Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam have recently gotten into an ugly dispute during a massive business transaction

Cleveland Browns
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Things have been going well for the Cleveland Browns on the field as they're sitting at 8-5 overall and 6-1 at home. Off the field, there are some other issues, however. Well, at least for team owner Jimmy Haslam and his company which is caught up in some legal drama.

Haslam has sold off some of his family business, Pilot Travel Centers, which was originally started by his father. Berkshire Hathaway is the company making the purchase but things have hit a snag which includes their owner — none other than Warren Buffett — accusing Haslam of bribery. That story and more can be found in today's news round-up.

Cleveland Browns News

Warren Buffett’s company accuses Browns owner Jimmy Haslam of bribery in ugly billion-dollar dispute — Ryan Glasspiegel, New York Post

"Berkshire is incentivized to believe the profits for Pilot are lower and Haslam would obviously prefer them to be higher so he can net a greater sale price. Where it gets particularly ugly is Berkshire alleged in a court filing that the Haslam family, as described by the Associated Press, “tried to bribe at least 15 executives at the Pilot truck stop chain with millions of dollars to get them to inflate the company’s profits” in 2023."

Buffett's company has already purchased 80 percent of the Pilot Travel Center chain owned by the Haslam family. The final 20 percent is where the issues have come in. Now, the accusations are flying and according to Glasspiegel, it could make a difference of $1.2 billion.

Browns RT Dawand Jones to have season-ending knee surgery — Jake Trotter, ESPN

"Coach Kevin Stefanski confirmed Monday that rookie right tackle Dawand Jones will undergo season-ending knee surgery. Jones injured a knee during practice last Thursday. The fourth-round draft pick out of Ohio State has been a starter since Week 2, when he replaced Jack Conklin, who suffered his own season-ending knee injury in the opener."

Losing any player is devastating but for the Browns, this one really hurts. Jones had been playing well whereas James Hudson has been struggling. Now, they're down to their third option at right tackle for the remainder of the season.

Historical win from Kevin Stefanski proves Browns need to extend the head coach — DPD

Winning with more than one starting quarterback in the NFL is hard. Doing so with four different starters is nearly unheard of. In fact, throughout the lengthy history of the NFL, it's now only happened eight times, with Kevin Stefanski accomplishing this on Sunday. The entire fan base might not be sold but he keeps winning and needs to be extended.

Unlike Patrick Mahomes, Myles Garrett frustrated with officials for good reason — Ethan Simpson, DPD

By now, we've all seen Patrick Mahomes lose his mind over an obvious penalty. Myles Garrett, on the other hand, has been rather calm throughout the years while not getting obvious penalties called in his favor. This weekend, he finally had enough and lashed out at the officials in his presser. Chances are he gets fined for it but he wasn't wrong.

Myles Garrett keeps the all-time great Joe Flacco joke alive — Sayre Bedinger, DPD

Browns Week 14 studs and duds. Browns Week 14 studs and duds. dark. Next

In addition to saying what we all thought about the refs, Myles Garrett also spoke on his coach as well as the new starting quarterback. He praised Stefanski and also kept a great joke rolling when he simply said "he's elite" when asked about Joe Flacco. For years during Flacco's prime, the question was raised about whether or not he was elite and Garrett just set the record straight.