Unlike Patrick Mahomes, Myles Garrett frustrated with officials for good reason

The Browns defensive end didn't hold back when speaking about the officiating during their victory over Jacksonville on Sunday.

Myles Garrett, Cleveland Browns
Myles Garrett, Cleveland Browns / Lauren Leigh Bacho/GettyImages

The Cleveland Browns defeated the Jacksonville Jaguars 31-27 Sunday afternoon in Cleveland, but the win came with no help from the referees, according to one member of the Cleveland Browns. Defensive end Myles Garrett didn’t hold back when speaking with the media during his post-game press conference and going as far as calling it ‘Honestly awful’. 

When asked about the team having four sacks this week compared to none last week, Garrett responded:

“It could have been more”

Then Garrett went on to explain why he felt the Browns weren’t able to reach their full potential Sunday:

 “The officiating was a travesty today,” said Garrett, “It was honestly awful. And the fact that they’re letting them get away with hands to the face, holding, false starting. I know they called a couple, but, damn, they could have called it all game.”

Garrett, who ended the without a sack for the third consecutive week, went on to explain his statement further:  

“Respect to those guys, it’s a hard job, but hell, we have a hard job, as well. You can’t make it harder by throwing holding and hands to the face out the rulebook. I got a lot of respect for those guys, but we get scrutinized for the plays that we don’t make. So someone has to hold them accountable for the calls they don’t make. And they need to be under the same kind of microscope as we are every single play.”

When asked if the Week 14 match-up qualified as a ‘sloppy, ugly dirty game’ Garrett responded:

“It was just that, all around, all three phases, plus the refs, and this time it went our way, and we’re glad to come on the right side of things, and we want that kind of game, but we need to uphold the rules for everyone at all times”. 

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Myles Garrett and the Cleveland Browns are fighting to make an appearance in the playoffs for the first time since the 2020 season, and his frustration with the officiating is certainly understandable, especially this late in the season. Plus, he made his feelings known without coming off like a complainer the way Patrick Mahomes did as he complained about a blatant penalty.