5 nightmare scenarios for the Browns in 2024

What happens if the you-know-what hits the fan?
Cleveland Browns, Kevin Stefanski
Cleveland Browns, Kevin Stefanski / Nick Cammett/GettyImages
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The 2023 season was full of challenges for this Cleveland Browns team, but that didn't stop them from ending the year 11-6 with a playoff berth.

Now fully past last season and having finished the majority of notable offseason moves, the Browns are into the thick of offseason activities as they prep for training camp later this summer. It is time to truly start looking ahead.

What will the 2024 season bring us? How much different could this team look? Will those differences be positive or negative?

Let's say things go terribly wrong. What might that look like?

The Browns endure problems on the offensive line

If Deshaun Watson has any shot at success in 2024, it is going to depend highly on the health and performance of the offensive line in front of him.

But, that might end up being a sore spot. There are a few things that could go wrong, here, starting with Jedrick Wills continuing to struggle. Last year was rough for Wills. The former first-round pick enters a fresh season after having his fifth-year option picked up, but if he continues to struggle, the Browns could be in trouble at the tackle position.

Speaking of tackle, let's say Jack Conklin is, indeed, healthy. He starts the season. He stays healthy. But, what if his play takes a step back because of the injuries he's suffered? That would result in a difficult decision to be made. You have a cornerstone player who isn't playing up to snuff. Does he get benched for Dawand Jones?

And when it comes to Jones, is health going to be an issue for him as well? There are a handful of things that could go wrong, simply at the tackle position.