3 Cleveland Browns offseason decisions that could age poorly

Could any of these decisions, or lack thereof, have an impact in 2024?
Cleveland Browns, Joe Flacco
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How has the entirety of this 2024 offseason gone for the Cleveland Browns?

Depending on who you ask, you might get some differing opinions. One thing is clear, there were certainly some mistakes made. Fortunately, the 2024 NFL Draft is approaching and the Browns have the opportunity to right some wrongs.

There were a few key decisions made (or not made) this offseason, though, that could especially come back to bite Cleveland.

Which decisions and what's the potential impact? Let's dig in.

Jack Conklin's future is still up in the air

Injuries have become a major problem for offensive tackle Jack Conklin, as we know. And, the Browns have some options. If they were to cut him after June 1, they save roughly $700,000. But, if somehow they could trade him after June 1, the Browns would save over $6 million.

The real question is, who would trade for an offensive tackle that's endured two serious injuries in the last few years?

Now, if the Browns end up keeping Conklin and not doing anything at all with his contract, then he's going to count $10.5 million against the cap and Cleveland could be risking yet another season where their starting tackle goes down to injury.

At this point, the only logical reason in keeping Conklin would be if the Browns are indeed confident that he'll return to full health and be a competent starter again. Either that, or the Browns go out and draft a tackle in order to have some insurance beyond 2024.