Cleveland Browns stock report following a dominating Week 3 win over Titans

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Tennessee Titans v Cleveland Browns
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After their dismal performance against the Steelers on Monday Night Football, the Cleveland Browns desperately needed to generate some positive momentum. Kevin Stefanski’s team did just that against the Tennessee Titans in front of their home fans in Week 3. The Browns won a one-way traffic affair by the score of 27-3.

It's no secret that Cleveland's defense is playing dominant football right now. For the second time in three games, they didn't allow a touchdown and limited their opponent to three points. The offense held up their end of the bargain against the Titans and demonstrated an efficiency that they had yet to show so far this season.

If Sunday’s complimentary performance is any indication of what is to come, the Browns fanbase may be in store for quite a season. Here is a stock report of which players are ascending and who is facing a downturn after the Week 3 victory.

Cleveland Browns stock report following a dominating Week 3 win over Titans

Browns Stock Up: Deshaun Watson

Cleveland quarterback Deshaun Watson quietly had his best game since joining the Browns on Sunday. It was a slow-burn type of effort that felt like it snuck up on you. But by the time the game was over, it was apparent that Watson had taken a massive step forward in this offense.

Watson’s day started with six straight completions. While none of the throws were of the high degree of difficulty variety, it was exactly the start Watson needed to settle into the game. Short throws turned into intermediate throws and by the second half the entire field was open to Watson.

But the comfortability that Watson displayed over the course of the came might be the most encouraging aspect of his play on Sunday. Aside from one ill-advised backwards lateral, Watson displayed poise in the pocket and when he was forced to scramble, he kept his eyes up to find potential throwing windows. It was a stark contrast to how he performed under duress just a week prior.

Watson finished the day completing 27-of-33 attempts for 289 yards and two touchdowns. Perhaps the most vital stat that Watson compiled was the big fat zero in the interception department. Most importantly, Watson finished his afternoon on a high note hitting Amari Cooper on a 43-yard busted coverage touchdown. Now it's up to Watson to keep this momentum going.