According to statistics, Deshaun Watson is the least accurate passer in the NFL

Browns QB Deshaun Watson sits atop the least flattering list possible.
Cleveland Browns, Deshaun Watson
Cleveland Browns, Deshaun Watson / Jeff Lange / USA TODAY NETWORK

Deshaun Watson is entering a critical season with the Cleveland Browns. While they might not be able to move on from him financially for at least another year beyond this, the franchise could decide to start looking for his replacement in 2025 if he doesn't get back on track.

The main talking point when it comes to the upcoming season has been availability. Watson missed 12 games in 2022 due to a league suspension and 12 more in 2023 due to a shoulder injury. It's important that he plays for 17 games but being on the field won't be enough. He has to improve his play drastically.

A new statistic from Warren Sharp highlights just how poorly Watson played when he was under center. In six games, he completed 61.4 percent of his attempts but Sharp says he had the highest rate of incompletions due to inaccurate passes.

Sharp was asked how he calculated this percentage, to which he responded: "Sum of incompletions due to inaccurately charted passes (overthrows, underthrows, too far in front or behind receiver) / all incompletions."

Clearly, this is an inexact science but according to Sharp, Watson wasn't struggling due to defensive backs breaking up passes or receivers dropping the ball. It was due to his inability to hit the target. This isn't a unique take either. Instead, it's data that backs up what everyone has been saying — Watson remains the biggest red flag on the Cleveland roster.

Cleveland has talent on their roster from top to bottom. They've done a good enough job building depth that they won 11 games despite suffering through countless injuries. They're also good enough to win if Watson can even perform at an average level — evidenced by a 5-1 record in the six games he started.

While that's true, they're never going to make a deep run or get into the Super Bowl if Watson doesn't live up to the contract he signed. Right now, that seems like an impossible task.

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