Game-by-game predictions following 2024 Cleveland Browns schedule release

How will the Cleveland Browns fare in 2024?
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Week 9: Browns vs Chargers, Nov. 13

Jim Harbaugh is done tormenting Ohio State fans but now, the Browns will have to deal with him. We can say what we want about the coach, but he wins everywhere he goes — and the Los Angeles Chargers need a shot in the arm.

Cleveland is up to the task in this one though as linebacker Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah has the ability to shut down their ground game (which is led by two former Jon Harbaugh running backs in J.K. Dobbins and Gus Edwards). Denzel Ward and the Browns secondary should have no issues with this receiving corps either, keeping the Bolts under 20.

Final score: Browns 21, Chargers 16

Week 10: BYE

This is an excellent time for a week off. Nine games behind them, eight ahead. Plus the final stretch is tough, so they'll be glad they had this time to rest.

Week 11: Browns at Saints, Nov. 17

The last time the Browns took on the New Orleans Saints was on Christmas Eve in 2022. It was the coldest regular-season home game in Cleveland history and they were defeated 17-10 by the Saints. Those who claim the idea of a dome eliminates the home-field advantage provided by the cold climate need to re-watch this contest where a team from the south that plays in a dome was more physical and impressive.

This time, they'll be in New Orleans where both teams can take advantage of the fast turf. The Saints were 9-8 last season and didn't do much to improve their roster. They're especially questionable at receiver, so the Browns secondary should be able to shut them down. On the other side, Cleveland’s trio of wideouts will be too much for New Orleans to handle.

Final score: Browns 24, Saints 14

Week 12: Browns vs Steelers (TNF), Nov. 21

Nick Chubb should be back by now, which is bad news for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Look for him to steamroll the team that ended his 2023 campaign with at least 150 yards.

On the other side, Myles Garrett will remind everyone why he was the NFL Defensive Player of the Year while T.J. Watt pretends this game is an award show honoring someone other than him and disappears. Throw in a couple of picks from Russell Wilson and this will be a fun game. For Cleveland.

Final score: Browns 27, Steelers 10

November Record: 3-0
Overall Record: 8-3