Grading Browns defense against Steelers in Week 2

- Defense has another great performance

- Turnovers will continue to happen

- Some issues to fix

Cleveland Browns v Pittsburgh Steelers
Cleveland Browns v Pittsburgh Steelers / Lauren Leigh Bacho/GettyImages
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The Cleveland Browns fell to the Pittsburgh Steelers in a close 26-22 game that featured a lot of big plays by both defenses. The Brown's defense after two weeks looks to be the real deal. They did allow more yards this game than they did in Week 1 but that was to be expected as that performance was one of the best ever in terms of yards allowed. Even with allowing more yards and points, they did more than enough to help the team win the game.

Cleveland gave up a total of 222 yards (200 net) in the air and 55 on the ground along with forcing two turnovers -- one interception and one fumble recovery. Once again the defense played like a top unit. Jim Schwartz has them firing on all cylinders right now. They get to the quarterback, make plays, and tackle the ball carrier. They are a top unit at every level of the defense right now. They take away a couple of blown plays and give up less than 200 yards. They have been as advertised.

As stated before the only problem they have right now is a few miscommunications and blown coverages. In this case that one play is not the direct reason why the Browns lost, but it does not help you win games. I expect that Schwartz will not get this problem fixed very quickly and make them a scarcity when a team is facing the Browns. They have had to and will continue to fight for every yard against this Cleveland team.