Grading the Browns defense in shootout victory over the Colts in Week 7

• Star Player makes game-changing plays

• Browns may have overlooked opponent

• Defense wound up doing just enough in the end

Cleveland Browns v Indianapolis Colts
Cleveland Browns v Indianapolis Colts / Justin Casterline/GettyImages
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The Cleveland Browns are fresh off a nail-biting 39-38 victory over the Indianapolis Colts. It was one of the wildest games that Browns fans have watched in recent history, with many highs and lows throughout the course of the action.

Their defense played like the top unit they are at moments but had their worst game of the season. Thankfully the Browns have a man named Myles Garrett who is able to change the outcome of games on his own and is the DPOY frontrunner after his performance.

Cleveland gave up a total of 456 yards to the Colts offense, an offense that has been solid and able to put up points, but one that fails to jump out as a top unit in the league. Indianapolis scored a total of five touchdowns Sunday, two through the air and three on the ground.

Gardner Minshew who has taken over the starting job after rookie Anthony Richardson was lost for the season, was responsible for four of those touchdowns, along with throwing for 305 yards.

They had a lot of ups and an equal amount of downs, but they were able to overcome their downs by responding all game and rolling with the punches. Even after their worst performance of the season, they should still be regarded as the best defense in the NFL. Great defenses have bad days, as we can see they are not immune to that, but they fought and did enough to get a grinding win.