Grading Browns free agency first-wave: Biggest risk, most important move, and more

Andrew Berry is off to a hot start

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Cleveland Browns Biggest Priority Addition: Jerry Jeudy

I know we haven’t seen any production yet from Jerry Jeudy who was a disappointment in Denver but given what we’ve seen thus far in free agency, this was a home run trade. Berry sent Denver a fifth and sixth-round pick for 2024 for Jeudy who only has one year left on his rookie deal. 

From afar, the Browns didn’t give up a ton for a guy with first-round talent, and they’ll have the opportunity to extend him during the season to keep from a bidding war. If you look at guys like Michael Pittman, Calvin Ridley, and Mike Evans who got massive contracts with more than $20 million per year, getting a free trial with Jeudy is fantastic. 

Jeudy lacked production in Denver with 972 yards of receiving in 2022 but only 758 yards in 2023, but this feels like a scenario where everyone just needs a fresh start. Jeudy has a relationship with Amari Cooper from his days in Alabama and should fit in this offense well with his elite route running skills.

Look for Kevin Stefanski to get the ball in Jeudy’s hand on the edge to utilize his speed, as well as sneak him behind the coverage using David Njoku and Cooper underneath as decoys. The only person this trade was bad for is Elijah Moore and Cedric Tillman who will be bumped down a spot on the depth chart. Another A+ move for Berry.