Grading the Cleveland Browns offense against the Ravens in Week 4

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Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns
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Offensive line

The Browns offensive line has had a rough go of it through the first four games of the 2023 season. There has been a major disconnect between the perceived level of play of this offensive line and the product that they have put on the field this season. Their play on Sunday continued the downward trend.

The offensive line was unable to win at the point of attack and create running lanes. When you go up against a team with linebackers like the Ravens, it is critical to win the battle at the line of scrimmage to give your running backs a chance to get to the second level. The absence of Nick Chubb is really exposing this line’s inability to create opportunities for Cleveland's running backs.

DTR was under pressure from both the interior and off the edge on Sunday. This has been a constant theme this season. If the Browns O-line turns in the same effort in two weeks against the 49ers as they did Sunday against the Ravens, then it will not matter who the quarterback is.

Offensive line grade for Week 4: D

Skill Positions

Given the circumstances, the Browns skill positions units played decently game Sunday. The wide receivers were able to create adequate space, but when the ball isn't delivered on time it's next to impossible to make plays. It's hard to evaluate a player like Amari Cooper who, despite winning his one-on-one matchup, was only able to haul in one catch for 16 yards in the loss.

WR grade for Week 4: C

David Njoku played a great game, especially when you consider that he was listed as questionable after sustaining burns to his face from an incident lighting a fire at his home on Saturday. Njoku led all pass catchers with six receptions for 46 yards. Harrison Bryant brings down the grade of the tight end room with his subpar blocking performance on Sunday.

TE grade for Week 4: B

Replacing Nick Chubb is an impossible task, but one that the Browns running back room is aiming to accomplish. The O-line did not do any favors for their running backs against the Ravens, but even with the lack of running lanes it could be argued that Jerome Ford and Kareem Hunt both still underperformed on Sunday. Only getting what it blocked for and nothing extra is not going to be enough raise this room’s grade.

RB grade for Week 4: C-