Grading the Cleveland Browns picks on Day 2 of the 2023 NFL Draft

NFL Combine
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The long wait finally ended when the Cleveland Browns selected Tennessee wide receiver Cedric Tillman at No. 74 overall. The move was met with a wide range of reactions from the fan base with some concerned about his lack of speed and others worried about his limited sample size despite spending five seasons with the Vols.

Then, there were those who saw a 6-foot-3 wideout who was sensational in 2021. They realized that his 40-yard dash time might not be a fair depiction of his speed, since he was making several big plays downfield that season.

But what grade does the selection get?

Browns get a passing grade for Cedric Tillman

Cleveland earns a passing grade but I'm not ready to jump it to a B just yet. While he might not have missed a ton of time due to an injury, he still managed to play in just 24 games in five seasons.

Of course, there might be some sour grapes since his teammate, Jalin Hyatt, was on the radar after he broke out in 2022. He was picked by the New York Giants, who jumped one spot ahead of Cleveland.

Cedric Tillman. C+. WR, Tennessee. Pick No. 74

To be fair, Tillman could wind up being a star in the NFL. He has the tools, now we just have to see if the coaching staff can get the most out of him. Here's to hoping an "I was wrong" article comes out in the near future.

Browns didn't do so well with Siaki Ika

When it comes to his positional fit, this selection makes sense. The Browns needed a nose tackle and Siaki Ika gives them a massive one.

The problem is, he tested incredibly low at the Combine and while there are clips of him absolutely bullying people, he's not consistent at all.

D. DT, Baylor. Pick No. 98. Siaki Ika

The positives to take from this would be that Ika fills a need and is a better nose tackle than anyone currently on the roster (other than Dalvin Tomlinson but they want him at the 3-tech). The bad news is, outside of Tomlinson, no one else can really play that role with any efficiency.

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