Great, Good, and Ugly: 3 Cleveland Browns takeaways from Week 1

As we look back on a Cleveland Browns home-opening victory, there was great, good, and ugly all around to observe.
Cincinnati Bengals v Cleveland Browns
Cincinnati Bengals v Cleveland Browns / Gregory Shamus/GettyImages
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Good:  Special Teams

Besides the obvious which was the field-goal kicking team, the entire special teams played very well on Sunday. While the punt return team could have been better, the coverage teams and punt team both played well which was a huge factor in this game.

Not every week will there be 15-plus punts in a game where flipping the field position is a win on offense, but with all the weather in Cleveland that was the case on Sunday. 

Corey Bojorquez had seven punts for an average of over 47 yards, which included three punts inside the 20-yard line that made life difficult for the Bengals all day. If you take the only 30-yard punt away from the opening drive in the third quarter Bojorquez would have had an average of more than 50-yards per punt.

And now back to the obvious which was the placekicker, Dustin Hopkins, who replaced Cade York just before the start of the season. 

And I must say, after a full season and some change of being nervous every time there was a field goal attempt, I was at ease on Sunday. Hopkins was perfect on the day going three-for-three on field goals and one-for-one on point after attempts. His long was only 43 yards, but all four kicks were perfectly down the middle, and never had a doubt of being good. 

Some people may have overlooked the singing of Bubba Ventrone to be the new special teams coordinator, but he certainly helped this team in a major way.