Historic day propels Myles Garrett ahead of NFL legend

Myles Garrett put the team on his back in Sunday's win over the Colts and passed an NFL legend in the process.

Cleveland Browns v Indianapolis Colts
Cleveland Browns v Indianapolis Colts / Justin Casterline/GettyImages

When the Cleveland Browns needed him the most, Myles Garrett was like in a flash and his historical day helped secure the narrow 39-38 victory over the Colts.

This was arguably the best game of Garrett's NFL career and it came when the team desperately leaned on him to make a play, which he made several.

He finished the contest with nine tackles, and two strip-sacks (one resulting in Tony Fields pouncing on the pigskin in the end zone for a touchdown, and one of the best-blocked field goals you'll ever see.

The fact that Garrett was able to hop over the offensive line, with ease, especially standing at 6-foot-4, and weighing 272 pounds is astonishing.

When Garrett was able to bring down Colts' quarterback Gardner Minshew for the first strip-sack of the day, he surpassed NFL legend Reggie White for most sacks prior to turning 28 years old. White had 80 before hitting 28, and now Garrett has 82, with two months left until he turns 28.

Anytime you can pass one of the all-time greats is a great day. Garrett still has a long way to go in order to pass White overall, but if he continues to rack 'em up at the rate he's going, he will at least get close.

That wasn't the only historical note Garrett hit as he became the first player since at least 1991 to record 2+ sacks, 2+ forced fumbles, and a blocked field goal. All three plays led to points for the Browns.

Cleveland will have to rely on Garrett and the rest of the defense even more moving forward, as there is yet again uncertainty surrounding the health of Deshaun Watson, who had an MRI on his injured shoulder.

Garrett and the defense were getting shredded by Minshew but made enough plays to win the game. They will need to be the ones who lead this team moving forward, as the quarterback situation continues to be an issue.

If Sunday was any indication, then Garrett proved he is up to the task of taking this team by the reins and leading them to victory.

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