How many draft picks do the Cleveland Browns have on Day 2?

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For years, the Cleveland Browns Super Bowl took place in the spring as they would own one of the top picks in the NFL Draft.

However, the past two years have been a strange shift as they not only haven't had a pick in Round 1, but unless they trade up on Friday, they will go two years in a row without a pick in the first two rounds.

With that being the case, which picks do they have during Round 2 and Round 3?

What picks do the Cleveland Browns have on Friday?

Cleveland will first be on the clock at No. 74, which was originally a New York Jest pick. They sent that selection, along with Elijah Moore to the Browns in exchange for pick 42.

The Browns do also have a compensatory pick, coming back up at No. 98. Those will be their only two selections, since they traded their original third-round pick, which is No. 73, to the Houston Texans as part of the Deshaun Watson deal.

What are the Browns primary needs in the 2023 NFL Draft?

While it's strange to see Cleveland absent in Round 1, it's almost as weird to say they don't have many holes. Even when John Dorsey was running the show, he faield to build a complete roster — and hated depth.

Andrew Berry has a different approach. He doesn't trade former starters as soon as they get surpassed, understanding depth is needed. He also tries to build the entire roster and has done a great job.

Even so, they could use another starting defensive tackle, some depth at safety, and defensive end. On offense, they might look for more reserve offensive linemen, a running back to challenge Jerome Ford, and a wideout isn't out of the question either.

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