Identifying the worst free agent signing by the Browns so far in 2024

Cleveland Browns, Andrew Berry
Cleveland Browns, Andrew Berry / Justin Casterline/GettyImages

Andrew Berry hasn't had a sexy Free Agency so far, but overall, he's made a lot of good moves for the Cleveland Browns. Most have been either depth signings or replacements for players who left to sign with other teams. Even though he's done a good job so far, it is okay to be critical of a few moves.

Linebacker has always been a position that Berry puts on the back burner. Granted, it isn't as crucial of a position as cornerback or edge rusher, but it still matters. Until 2023 when Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah broke out, the position had left a lot to be desired. All of that being said, fans were hoping he would make an appealing signing at linebacker this off-season. Unfortunately, one of the available guys he chose to sign was one of the worst options.

On March 14th, the Browns signed former Pittsburgh Steelers first-round pick Devin Bush to a one-year deal. Before we talk about the many negatives, let's discuss the few appealing aspects of this signing.

For one, it is a low risk and potentially high-performance signing. Bush is only 25 years old and is a first-round talent. In his rookie year, he had 109 tackles and finished third in Rookie of the Year voting. There's some talent there, but it has yet to be fully unlocked or built on with any consistency.

The biggest problem with this signing is that there were other superior options, one of which they could have gotten at a similar price. Devin White signed a one-year deal with the Eagles only a few hours after the Browns signed Bush. 99 percent of fans would take White over Bush, without question, so it was frustrating seeing him get passed for a first-round bust.

In addition to White, Isaiah Simmons was (and still is) available. It would have been amazing to see Simmons paired with JOK. He likely would have cost more, but it could have been worth it. Knowing that White and Simmons were out there and instead deciding to go with Bush isn't Andrew Berry's best move.

At the end of the day, we can only hope that Bush proves all of us wrong and contributes nicely to the Browns in 2024. He won't be a starter but expect to see him on special teams and in a rotational role. While Andrew Berry has gotten a lot right, not every move is the right move and it just feels like this one is a miss. It's cool that Bush's dad Devin Bush, Sr. played in Cleveland in the the early 2000s, so maybe that will ignite even more of a fire under him to perform well.

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