Jarvis Landry reunion with Browns is unrealistic

Sorry, but the Jarvis Landry return talk doesn't have merit

Jarvis Landry, Cleveland Browns
Jarvis Landry, Cleveland Browns / Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports

Jarvis Landry spent four years with the Cleveland Browns and remains one of the more popular players the franchise has seen since its return in 1999. After going 1-31 in the two seasons prior to his arrival, Landry gave the fans hope.

He was added in a trade with the Miami Dolphins after leading the NFL in receptions in 2017. He then endeared himself to fans when he laid into the entire receiving corps during 'Hard Knocks' for not giving enough effort.

On the field, he was a trusted receiver — especially in the slot — and had 288 receptions for 3,560 yards and 15 touchdowns. He was also a fearless blocker in the run game.

Recently, Landry took to Twitter to start discussing his time in Cleveland with fans and it's led to a non-stop discourse regarding a return to the team. Some are clamoring for a reunion for him to be a depth piece and a veteran leader.

While Landry coming back could be a fun story, it's completely unrealistic.

With Amari Cooper, Jerry Jeudy, and Elijah Moore on the roster, Landry would be the No. 4 wideout at best. That's only if he can surpass Cedric Tillman, a third-round pick last season, and is highly regarded by the coaching staff. As the fourth receiver, Landry would be asked to play special teams and can you envision a 31-year-old Landry — who is used to the spotlight — lining up as a gunner on the punt team?

That's not going to happen, which is just one of many reasons this reunion shouldn't even be a thought.

Jarvis Landry likely won't get another shot in the NFL, let alone with the Browns

One thing lost among fans when going after the Cleveland front office for not signing Landry is the lack of attention he's received since being released in 2022. It took Landry a while to find a new home and while he wound up in a good landing spot with the New Orleans Saints, he was far from productive.

Landry had a great showing in Week 1 with seven receptions for 114 yards. Then, he managed to play just eight more games and in those contests, he had 18 receptions for 158 yards and one touchdown. He wasn't re-signed by his hometown team and spent 2023 out of the NFL.

The sad truth is that Landry's fearlessness over the middle of the field and physicality in the blocking game led to him getting banged up. He dealt with nagging injuries in 2021 with the Browns and then again in 2022 with the Saints that limited his impact. Getting older doesn't usually lead to those injuries slowing down, which is why Landry is more likely done in the league than he is to return to Cleveland.

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