Joe Flacco could use Jets snub as motivation on TNF

The Jets didn't want Joe Flacco and now he has a chance to make them eat crow and take the Cleveland Browns to the playoffs

Cleveland Browns
Cleveland Browns / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

One team's (perceived) trash is another team's treasure, and Cleveland Browns general manager Andrew BErry struck gold and looks like a genius for signing Joe Flacco off his couch. The New York Jets — who come to Cleveland Browns Stadium for Thursday Night Football — passed on Flacco and now he can beat them and send the Browns to the playoffs.

Flacco spent three seasons with the Jets and then the team that hails from New York, but plays in New Jersey, went out and acquired Aaron Rodgers to help turn the franchise around. Well, that lasted all of four regular season snaps before Rodgers suffered an Achilles injury. Flacco called the Jets to see if there was any interest — and there was not.

When asked if there was any regret in not signing Flacco when he came calling, Jets' head coach Robert Saleh said no. Hindsight is always 20/20, but in this instance, it looks like New York made a mistake, but there's no guarantee that Flacco would play like he has in his month with Cleveland.

That isn't a talking point for Flacco, as he said he is "happy to be in Cleveland" as he should be. He has thrown for over 300 yards in his last three games and has this team one win away from a postseason berth where anything can happen.

One big reason that Flacco is having a career rejuvenation at the ripe age of 38 years old is one of his favorite targets in wideout Amari Cooper. This past week, Cooper set career-highs in catches (11) and yards (265), which also broke the Browns' single-game record. Despite going through four quarterbacks, Cooper became the first player in franchise history with consecutive 1,000-yard campaigns. Flacco and Cooper have developed quite a rapport over the last month.

The Jets said no thanks to signing Flacco when they saw Rodgers go down for the season. While it took a bit of time, Berry made the right call to bring in the former Baltimore Raven to help keep the season on track and now with a win on Thursday, that investment will pay tenfold. Flacco can stick it to his former team and send his current team to the big dance, and with this defense, a potential deep playoff run.

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