Is Josh Dobbs guaranteed to keep Cleveland Browns No. 2 quarterback spot?

Philadelphia Eagles v Cleveland Browns
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Joshua Dobbs recently signed a guaranteed $2 million contract to come back to play for the Cleveland Browns this season, but does that automatically give him the backup quarterback job?

Dobbs had made the team last season as the backup to Jacoby Brissett, but eventually, he was released late in the year after Deshaun Watson returned from suspension. He was then signed by a couple of different teams, including the Tennessee Titans, where he started the last two games of the regular season.

Cleveland then re-signed him and he and Kellen Mond are now the only reserves. As for Mond, he took Dobbs's job toward the tail end of the season when Dobbs went to the Titans.

The fact that Dobson signed this guaranteed contract with Cleveland would suggest from the outside looking in that he is going to be the backup to Deshaun Watson, so is there even a competition going into training camp?

In addition, if Mond doesn’t make the backup role, will Cleveland release him by the end of camp? There could certainly be a few other NFL teams interested in picking him up by then.

Going into the last training camp, Dobbs and Jacoby Brissett, battled it out for what inevitably became the starting role, as Watson had to sit for several games due to his suspension. Eventually, Watson made his way back to the Browns by the end of November and Dobbs was sent back to the practice squad but then released by them.

The Detroit Lions briefly picked him up to be on their practice squad. A few weeks later he found himself signed by the Titans and thrown into the spotlight as their starter to close out the season.

In those two games with Tennessee, Dobbs played relatively well. He completed 48 of 68 passes for 411 yards and threw a couple of touchdowns. He did have a couple of fumbles and interceptions as well. In the end, despite the effort, Dobb's new team lost both games he started.

At the end of the last Browns preseason, many fans were enamored with Dobson, because of his style of play and smart decision-making. He brought some flair and athleticism to the position that some fans were not accustomed to seeing from a Cleveland quarterback However, that wasn’t enough to give him that starting role.

Now, we're back to Dobbs potentially being the guy behind Watson. Brissett was a free agent this offseason and he chose to go to Washington. His only competition this season is Mond, a third-year pro from Texas A&M.

Mond's only experience in the NFL includes throwing three passes and completing two of them for five yards back in 2021 when he played for the Minnesota Vikings. There's a lot of chatter about Mond's upside, but is that enough to surpass Dobbs?

This also comes down to what the Browns plan on doing with their 53-man team roster. Do they only go with keeping two quarterbacks on that roster or do they side with carrying three quarterbacks as they did in 2022?

We'll see what happens at the upcoming NFL Draft in a few weeks and if Cleveland were to draft a quarterback. If they do, then that will add even more questions as to the team's plans moving forward with the backup role. However, I don't see that happening in this draft and Dobb's should be that backup going into Week 1.

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