Mike Ford destroys Lamar Jackson, gives Cleveland Browns some life

The Baltimore Ravens were in control on Sunday but Mike Ford gave the Cleveland Browns some life after a hard hit to Lamar Jackson, followed by an interception

Cleveland Browns
Cleveland Browns / Jason Miller/GettyImages

In Week 10, the Cleveland Browns got off to a rough start against the Baltimore Ravens. Their first pass of the game was picked off and Kyle Hamilton scored a touchdown on the turnover. The defense was also struggling as Keaton Mitchell ran a 39-yard touchdown on their first possession. The Browns kept fighting back but Baltimore was just taking it to them.

The AFC North leaders are playing with more physicality, even if that means they got away with a dirty hit that sent Denzel Ward to the sideline. But Cleveland wasn't ready to give up — and it was an unlikely player who gave them some life. Cornerback Mike Ford stepped up before the half and gave them some momentum.

First, Ford chased down Lamar Jackson who scrambled for a nine-yard run. Ford drilled Jackson which led to the Ravens getting into his face but there was no flag since the quarterback wasn't committing to going out of bounds when hit. On the very next play, Ford stepped up again as he recorded his first career interception.

Cleveland was unable to capitalize, however, as P.J. Walker threw a Hail Mary at the end of the half which fell incomplete. Walker was the one throwing it since Deshaun Watson headed to the locker room early. On the play previously, he was rolled up on when attempting a third-down pass.

Cleveland is now trailing 17-9 and has to hope Watson will be back in the third quarter. Despite his struggles early, he was able to improve in the second quarter. They held the Ravens offense in check and could be even better in the second half after Ford gave them some confidence. Of course, none of that matters if the offense can't score and Watson gives them a better shot of doing that.

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