The most surprising breakout star imaginable for the Cleveland Browns in Week 6

A new mythical NFL player enters the chat...Walker Ohio Ranger.
Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns
Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns / Nick Cammett/GettyImages

That’s correct. Your eyes are not deceiving you. This is in fact an article stating that P.J. Walker is going to have a breakout game for the Cleveland Browns against the undefeated San Francisco 49ers on Sunday.

Once again, the Browns went through a week of practice where the status of their franchise quarterback Deshaun Watson was shrouded in mystery and turmoil. The difference is that this week of practice followed a bye week where it was assumed that Watson would have had the time necessary to get his shoulder the rest that it needed.

But as it turns out, Watson’s shoulder still needs additional time before he can take the field.

However, this time around it won't be rookie Dorian Thompson-Robinson getting the nod in place of Watson. It will be P.J. Walker leading the Browns, scratch that, it will be former 2020 XFL leading MVP candidate P.J. Walker leading the Browns into battle. Let’s put some respect on Walker’s name.

This isn't a new situation for Walker. He has been the afterthought many times before. Walker went undrafted despite leaving Temple University as the school’s all-time leader in wins, passing touchdowns, total touchdowns, passing yards, completions, and numerous other distinctions.

Walker also led the Owls to their first conference championship in almost 50 years, as well as back-to-back bowl game appearances.

Walker’s path to his first NFL start included three years of getting cut and added to the Indianapolis Colts practice repeatedly. Then in 2020, Walker enjoyed a brief stint in the XFL as the Houston Roughnecks’ quarterback in which he was the leading candidate for league MVP when Covid-19 shortened their season. But his NFL break came in 2020 when Walker latched on as a backup with the Carolina Panthers.

After a few relief appearances, Walker was given his first opportunity to start. How did Walker respond? By leading the Panthers to a 20-0 victory over the Detroit Lions. He went 24 of 34 for 258 yards in the blowout win.

To this point in his NFL career, Walker has appeared in 15 games and has started in seven contests boasting a record of 4-3. His numbers will not blow anyone away, nor should they. Walker is a backup quarterback for a reason.

So why should I be confident that Walker is going to ball out on Sunday against a red hot 49ers squad? Because Walker knows the score, he is a backup playing with house money against a juggernaut that no one expects him to compete with, let alone beat. Just know this, Walker will not flinch.

Walker will be playing with more talent than he has at any of his previous stops and with absolutely nothing to lose. That is a dangerous combination. This might all seem like wish casting now, but when Walker hits Marquise Goodwin on a bomb in the first quarter of Sunday’s game…just remember where you read it first.

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