No, Joe Thomas is not going to coach the Cleveland Browns offensive line

Joe Thomas was never in consideration to coach the Cleveland Browns offensive line

Cleveland Browns
Cleveland Browns / Jason Miller/GettyImages

Fans will be fans. Whenever possible, they try and do whatever they can to reach back to something they love and try to make it a part of their team once again. For the Cleveland Browns, this happened more than once during the 2023 season.

The most entertaining was when there was a belief Phil Dawson would come out of retirement at nearly 50 years of age and replace Dustin Hopkins. Never mind that Dawson hadn't kicked in a game since 2018 — or the fact that Riley Patterson who was 15-of-17 on the year in Detroit was available. They wanted their beloved kicker back and were going to ask for it to happen

Of course, that never did happen and neither will this pipe dream — with Bill Callahan leaving to take a job with the Tennessee Titans, Joe Thomas had his name thrown around and was even asked if he would be interested in coaching the Cleveland offensive line. Thomas said that's not something he would do, nor is it something the Browns were going to ask themselves.

We all know Thomas was one of the best offensive linemen this team has ever seen. The guy is a literal iron-man who played 10,363 consecutive snaps. But he's still yet to actually coach the game. Sure, he was named as the O-line coach for the Munich Ravens of the new European League but he's also being called a "brand ambassador" as he tries to get this league started.

What he hasn't done is coached at the NFL level. With qualified candidates all over the NFL, hiring Thomas simply because he was a fan favorite wouldn't be the way this front office would operate. Yes, it would be a fun story, but it was never close to a reality.

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