Packers steal a game from the Browns before the 2024 season even begins

A game in Brazil is not in the cards for the Browns
Cleveland Browns
Cleveland Browns / Stacy Revere/GettyImages

Peter King said back in February that he was "feeling good" about the Cleveland Browns starting the season in Brazil against the Philadelphia Eagles. In March, it seemed to be confirmed that this would be the case when defensive tackle Maurice Hurst, Jr. hinted that the two teams would face off in Week 1.

Both men were wrong, however, as it was officially announced that there will be a game in Week 1 but it will be the Eagles playing against the Green Bay Packers.

The NFL has been expanding their reach as the International Series has brought games to Mexico, London, and Germany. This year, they will make the trip to São Paulo, Brazil for the first time and also have a game in Madrid, Spain in 2025.

Cleveland played in London back in 2017 when they lost 33-16 to the Minnesota Vikings in Twickenham Stadium. They have not been back in the International Series since but continue to get mentioned in rumors.

Maurice Hurst never tried to break news for the Browns

To be fair to Hurst, he never tried to say he was 100 percent sure the two teams were going to play in Brazil. He even took to Twitter and said his comments were due to excitement about the possibility of being the first team to play a game there.

It's hard to blame Hurst for being pumped up about making NFL history. He surely shares the same disappointment the Dawg Pound is feeling since it would have been a treat to see them in such a publicized and historic game.

The official schedule will be released sometime in May. We know who the Browns will be facing in 2024 but that will tell us when and where each game takes place. And none will be in Brazil.

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