Ranking the Cleveland Browns offensive coordinator candidates

As the Cleveland Browns hone in on their new offensive coordinator, here is a ranking of what appears to be the four finalists.

Kellen Moore, Browns
Kellen Moore, Browns / Loren Elliott/GettyImages
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Browns OC Candidate No. 2 – Kellen Moore

I don’t think anyone would deny that Kellen Moore is one of the best young offensive minds in the game. I would suspect that if the Cleveland Browns did hire him, he would likely find himself as a head coach within three or four seasons. 

It’s very interesting that sometimes the most average NFL quarterbacks become some of the best coaches in the league. After sitting behind Jason Garrett and Mike McCarthy who were both head coaches/play callers in Dallas, Moore made his big move to the Las Angeles Chargers where a defensive-minded head coach (Brandon Staley), would finally give him free rein of the offense.

There's no doubt that the Chargers took a step back, but several injuries and Staley getting fired mid-season were much to blame for the dysfunction. 

The bottom line is, that Moore knows how to run the spread offense, and his history with Dak Prescott and Justin Herbert is exactly what Watson could use. I know that Watson isn’t a rookie anymore who needs a true mentor, but someone like Moore who played in the league seems to find a way to get the most out of his players.

Moore has a style of offense that pushes the ball down the field but uses the running game as well, especially when the defense is least expecting it. In this type of offense, I think the Browns would need to upgrade at wide receiver to be successful but would love this hire from Berry.