Report suggests Deshaun Watson could face further NFL punishment

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk says Deshaun Watson could face more punishment from the league due to lingering case

Deshaun Watson, Browns
Deshaun Watson, Browns / Nick Cammett/GettyImages

When the Cleveland Browns traded for Deshaun Watson, they knew he had more than 20 accusations of sexual misconduct lingering. While he settled the majority of them, one case has remained. And now, he could be forced to testify once again as he a motion for further testimony has been filed.

Even without every case being settled, Watson and the league reached a settlement of their own in 2022. That resulted in him being suspended for 11 games while also having to pay a fine. The belief was that the on-field punishment was behind him but new reports have suggested otherwise.

Despite already facing punishment by the league, Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk says Watson could be subject to further discipline from the NFL.

"Although he has been suspended 11 games by the NFL for the allegations, the league has not completely ruled out the possibility of further punishment, given the evidence that could emerge in the remaining cases and/or the eventual verdicts." — Florio, Pro Football Talk

Browns reporter has differing take on potential Deshaun Watson punishment

It's worth noting that Florio is a former attorney, so he typically knows what he's talking about in reference to the court room. While I'm not one to try and play lawyer, it is worth noting that Brad Stainbrook of The OBR responded to the Florio bombshell with a tweet from Tom Pelissero back in 2022 that suggests no further action can be taken by the league for violations during the 2019 through 2021 time frame.

We know the legal issues for Watson are far from over — and he's not likely to ever repair his public image. As for future punishments, it seems safe to assume the league won't have a leg to stand on if Pelissero's take on the settlement is true.

Watson has appeared in a total of 12 games for the Browns after missing his 11 due to suspension in 2022 plus another 11 in 2023 due to a shoulder injury. He's completed 59.8 percent of his attempts for 2,217 yards with 14 touchdowns and nine picks. The Browns are 8-4 when Watson starts for them.

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