Sack predictions for the Cleveland Browns remade defensive line

How will the new-look Cleveland Browns defensive line fare when it comes to getting after the quarterback in 2023?
Cleveland Browns Offseason Workout
Cleveland Browns Offseason Workout / Nick Cammett/GettyImages

Being able to get after the quarterback is vital in today's NFL. Fortunately for the Cleveland Browns, they have arguably the best pass rusher in the NFL in Myles Garrett.

Since entering the league in 2017, Garrett has 74.5 sacks and 13 forced fumbles. As great as he is, it benefits him even more to have a lot of help on the line, and in his career, it's been a mixed bag in terms of the amount of help he's had. That should change drastically in 2023.

Andrew Berry was busy in the 2023 offseason. After bringing in Jim Schwartz to be the new defesinve coordinator, improving the defensive line became a central focus. The most notable additions include DT Dalvin Tomlinson, Obo Okoronkwo, and Za'Darius Smith. All of them combined with Myles Garrett should absolutely wreak havoc in 2023. Let's take a look at what their sack totals could look like this season.

Myles Garrett

Sack total: 21.5

Garrett has been in the Defensive Player of the Year conversation virtually every year, but somehow his season always trails off a tiny bit. In 2019 we had the infamous Mason Rudolph incident that cut his season short, then he had COVID in 2020, and this past season he flipped his car and missed a few games.

Despite all of this, he always puts up double-digit sacks. With the new help on the defensive line, 2023 will finally be the year he puts it all together and wins DPOTY.

Za'Darius Smith

Sack total: 11

Za'Darius Smith has had double-digit sacks in 3 of the last 4 seasons, including a career-high of 13.5 in 2019. Smith should feast lining up opposite Myles Garrett, who takes on a lot of double teams. Look for Smith to constantly be in the backfield.

Obo Okoronkwo

Sack total: 7

Okoronkwo was one of the best signings in the 2023 offseason. He is an up-and-coming player with a substantial amount of talent, and he showed it in 2022.

He finished with 5 sacks total, getting one for 5 straight weeks to close out the season. He's smaller, but has quickness off the line. He should have a new career high in sacks.

Dalvin Tomlinson

Sack total: 5

The defensive tackle position was maybe the biggest weakness for the Browns in 2022. It should be very much improved in 2023 with the addition of Dalvin Tomlinson.

He won't get a crazy amount of sacks, but his run defense and ability to clog up the center will help out the defense as a whole so much. He could set a new career high, though. He had 3.5 sacks twice with the Giants in 2019 and 2020. With the talent around him in Cleveland, he should feast.