Top 3 Cleveland Browns currently on the roster bubble

The Cleveland Browns have some tough decisions to make including making the call on these 3 players who sit on the roster bubble
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Brow Roster Bubble Player No. 2: Anthony Schwartz

Anthony Schwartz is one of the few guys left that has been a complete bust and was drafted by Andrew Berry. For most of last season, I just assumed Schwartz had dirt on Berry because I had no idea how he continued to be on this roster.

Schwartz is a classic all-speed no hands guy. He has elite track speed but doesn’t know how to use it on a football field. His route tree is pretty much limited to a streak or a go route, and he even struggled in gadget plays where Kevin Stefanski attempted to get him on the edge in space. 

In two full seasons, Schwartz has accumulated just 14 catches on 33 targets for 186 yards and a lone touchdown. This is another one that was a head-scratcher when Berry selected him in Round 3 of the 2021 draft. Many thought Schwartz would be around in round four or even five with the depth of the wide receiver class that season.

People are addicted to speed and a lot of folks want to continue to see Schwartz get a shot while on his rookie deal. I get it, but I’ve seen enough. I will be shocked if he finds a way to make the opening-day roster in 2023.