Top 3 players the Cleveland Browns should completely avoid in 2023 NFL Draft

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As we are now just a week away from the opening night of the 2023 NFL Draft, most teams have shifted from free agency mode to full evaluation of the 2023 draft class. 

It’s an interesting year for the Cleveland Browns as they not only are missing their first-round pick because of the Deshaun Watson trade, but they will also miss out on their second-round pick after trading for Elijah Moore this offseason. 

This doesn’t mean the 2023 draft isn’t important for the Browns, it just means that Andrew Berry must be that much more dialed in to not make a mistake

It’s easy to add talent in free agency, but also extremely expensive. If you want the success to last, you must build through the draft. Here are three players the Browns should avoid on draft night.

Browns prospect to avoid No. 3 – Tank Dell, WR

Even though the Browns have made a lot of upgrades at wide receiver, I still wouldn’t be shocked to see them take someone later in the draft.

With a poor 40-yard dash at the combine (compared to expectations), Tank Dell is someone who will likely slip and may be tempting. Dell is an undersized guy who uses his speed to make up for all other weaknesses of his game.

Dell’s big issue is his 4.49-forty time was far less impressive than many expected. Dell put on 15-20 pounds to bulk up his frame, and instead, he just lost speed which was his only true weapon.

There is no doubt that he was a playmaking machine at Houston, but Browns fans have seen with Anthony Schwartz that his game won’t transfer to the NFL. Anything earlier than round six or seven for Dell is a reach.