Top 3 players the Cleveland Browns should completely avoid in 2023 NFL Draft

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Browns prospect to avoid No. 1 – Siaki Ika, DT

Jim Schwartz has certainly seen his interior defensive line improve since he came on board, but the Cleveland Browns are still lacking talent at defensive tackle. Even with three new free agents, I would expect Berry to draft at least one true nose tackle. 

Ika is projected by many to go in round two or three, with most expecting him to fall to the third. That means if the Browns did have interest, they would have to use their first pick of the draft.

I would not be mad to see Berry go defensive tackle with the first pick, but Ika is not the guy. He's athletic for his size, but weight management has always been an issue.

Plus, being athletic and having speed are two different things.  Signing a guy like Ika is basically bringing in a guy who will never be on the field in passing situations.

Ika is good in the trenches and has the power to be a solid run defender in the NFL, but he has relied too much on his size in the past which has made him lazy with technique. The first offensive lineman which matches his strength (which will be a lot in the NFL), will not have any issues handling him. 

Ika is a true nose tackle which the Browns do need, but he isn’t a good fit and would likely fizzle out quickly. 

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